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Tonye Princewill – Newton’s First Law of Motion at APC Rivers State …

Immediately after the sentencing of the Port Harcourt High Court which placed the APC presidency in the state of Rivers in the temporary hands of my friend and brother, Hon Igo Aguma, I passed these thoughts on to our leader, RT. Hon Rotimi Amaechi and then distributed them widely to the APC faithful in the state of Rivers. I did it for the record. Here are my thoughts once again. Read them and find out why, right now, Newton’s law is a solution in the state of Rivers:

“I belong to the group of Amaechi followers who believe that peace is better than war. Since we are not afraid of wars, on this earth there is no way we can be afraid of peace. We do not operate out of fear. God was not foolish. when he said in Isaiah 1:18: “Come, let’s reason together.” It was always option 1.

While many of us have reservations about some of the trials, we respect the rule of law and know that if we want a different outcome in court or in the polls, we have to start with different actions here, within the state chapter of our party. We will have need a new strategy, even legal. We cannot continue to do the same and expect different results.

Although I know from my investigations that there are some who agree with me, there are some who are not. While I respect their right to be skeptical and understand the opinions they have expressed, I hope they will do the same for me. There is more than one way to get to the market. My favorite path will always be peace. Others may prefer the court. This is your right and a matter of choice. The two options are not mutually exclusive. We both continue with Amaechi.

My call to the Hon. Igo Aguma, is to behave with the wisdom that this moment deserves. The tone of his inaugural interaction with the press as interim president was very different from the previous letters, and most of the party, whom you know with Amaechi and his team, just want a good opportunity to express themselves in a congress. They feel betrayed by the system and it’s not their fault. Now you have the opportunity to show them the leadership style you preach.

A party that reflects only Magnus Abe or any other interest and its supporters will not lead us to the promised land. Neither will reflect only our former governor, the honorable minister and his key team. Everyone should have a chance to get involved now. This is exactly where I differ in the recent Dele & Ors trial. Everyone in the APC should have been authorized to contest any Congress. We are now in 2020. Not only the members who purchased the modules in 2018. Since then many things have happened. But that’s what it is. The court has spoken. We cannot go against the court and hope that it will be forgotten.

Finally, no one should be surprised that neither side manifests distrust. The story of “betrayal” is long and the nerves are still rough. People are very afraid. Some even from their shadow. Those who will not continue to seek peace outside a court. Boma Erekosinma said: “We’d better get there.” We have put too much in APC to be an observer. If you really believe that Wike is going to take over the APC, through Igo Aguma, Magnus Abe or anyone else, complaining is not a strategy. ”

Unfortunately, because of Covid 19, I am in distant London, England, watching helplessly none other than an epic disaster that is taking place in my state. At the end of January, some of us asked that the President of the Senate speak, we are happy to see that this is really happening, albeit at a late hour. I hope it is not too late. My honest advice to my leaders for the commitment was not followed, the ego was destroyed, the trenches were dug, even deeper, and the positions have now been ossified. False suspensions and threats are flying, illegal methods are being used and some involuntarily cheer on their teams, while the APC dies slowly. Tomorrow they will regret the loss of another election. It’s crazy !!

In 2019, we saw the result of “if it’s not me, then it’s nobody.” Today we are slowly seeing it rebuild. I didn’t sign up for APC for this. Call the leaders to order, calm the frayed nerves and let’s end this public show of shame. Only presidents can solve it. The President of the Senate, the Vice President or the President himself. As an engineer at the Imperial University with training, I think that if you understand the problems, you can design solutions. So, let me quote you from physics. Newton’s first law of motion is exact. Thus he says, “that every body continues in its state of rest or uniform movement unless an external force acts differently”. In other words, this great wahala will not end unless great external forces intervene. Amaechi sacrificed more than many others for this holiday. Be patient with him. This right has been earned. Edo and Rivers are connected. And rivers can move mountains. The suspension of Amaechi can never be an option. But I’m afraid things are going to get worse.

The group of Amaechi followers who believe in peace are not the ones who are in control now. We are still relatively silent, amid the noise. But our silence should not be taken for granted. We know more than we say, we think more than we talk and we observe more than you know. To paraphrase Ian Duncan Smith, “Let’s not underestimate the determination of silent men.” This is what put us here and it is what will lead us nowhere in the end. Many of us will not accept it.

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