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Overview of Bachelor of Health Science Online Degree Program

Bachelor of Science (BSc)is an undergraduate degree. It may take between three (3) and five (5) years to earn a BSc, this depends on the field of study and the learning institution awarding the degree.

Health sciences is the group of disciplines that is concerned with achieving and maintaining health of human, Animal or Plant. It is a branch of study which endeavors to not only further the ability to prevent and cure disease at a any molecular level, but also to recognize and implement the measures that societies must take in order to have good and sound health practices overall. Students are likely to take courses in chemistry, biology, physiology, organic chemistry and healthcare systems and policies.

Health Sciences online degrees prepare students who can apply medical knowledge to provide and improve patient healthcare, while also implementing or undergoing preventive measures. Health Sciences degrees offered by international medical schools include a wide range of specializations in Epidemiology, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Medicine, Nutrition, and even Alternative Medicine.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Health Science is an accredited online degree program, training students for developing careers in healthcare, community organizing, and education. The Students will learn about disease prevention and control, nutrition, community health and how different healthcare systems operate.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science emphasizes the knowledge and skills required to function in today’s complex health care environment. The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Health Science will introduce students to disciplinary expertise required to support individual well-being and contribute to the prevention and control of disease and the improvement of societal health through proper theory and practical. The program provides an understanding of community and public health models and their application to real-world situations.


Health sciences is a very vast discipline which touches numerous fields, earning a degree in health sciences provides many potential career paths. Medical research and development, medical and dental assistance, pharmacology, occupational therapy and speech pathology are just some of the fields within the health sciences sector. You might prefer jobs in clinical practice, working with patients and clients on an individual basis. If you prefer to develop and conduct experiments, you could become a good researcher. You could also make a career of educating or training the public on recent scientific discoveries and finding ways to apply these discoveries to public policy.


Health sciences Training is becoming more popular because of the vast amount of opportunities a student has after completing an online degree. The study of health promotion, disease and health care make up the overall education in health sciences. Coursework will depend on the concentration/discipline a student has chosen. Programs usually have some set of educational paths that are followed in order to graduate.


A bachelor’s degree in health sciences can be earned to suit your career interests in the health and medical field. Graduates of an online bachelor’s degree in health sciences will learn the skills of analysing, critical thinking, computers, collecting data, working well in a team, oral communication, and instrumentation. If you are a considering a career in the health care sector, a bachelor’s degree in health sciences is the best starting point. If you are fascinated by the health field and all there is to learn about it, a career in this field is a must for you. Health sciences programs at a bachelor’s degree level will give you the solid background of knowledge in which you can pursue a variety of different careers.

Obtaining an online degree in the health field will allow you to earn between $60,000 to $90,000. The medical field is constantly growing, and as people are getting older and older every day, more and more people need of workers with high knowledge in the medical field. This made many job opportunities to be available to those searching for jobs who have obtained a health degree. The medical field needs more experienced workers to help in hospitals, doctor’s offices and many other clinics.

Earning a degree in this field is a good choice for any individuals who have not yet decided what area of the profession they want to work in. Students will acquire a wide knowledge base in the medical field that will let them choose a specific program.

An educational prospect that focuses on health sciences program can have a student earning a Bachelor of Arts in health care studies. The Curriculum will explore the US healthcare law, system and protocol. A US health care system course will examine the history, foundations, standards, and resources of American health care compared to other nations. The Students will learn about the regulatory factors that continue to shape and change health care service.

Each student will be assigned with a personal Program Advisor at the beginning of their studies, who will remain with them until graduation. The student’s personal Program Advisor will act as his or her support system throughout their studies. The personal Program Advisor will be happy to assist in answering any questions the student may have, discuss course selection, offer academic advice and offer encouragement throughout the student’s studies.


Academic Pathways

The Health Sciences online degree program has six (6) academic pathways which will qualify students and make them eligible for entry into graduate programs in a specific health profession, entry-level employment in healthcare related positions.

  1. Pre-Professional Studies
  2. Health Care Studies
  3. Health Care Advancement Studies
  4. Undergraduate Clinical Informatics
  5. Undergraduate Public Health
  6. Undergraduate Research



Some online degree programmes in health sciences


  1. University of Cincinnati

You can earn an online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree from University of Cincinnati online, where you will grow your knowledge within the healthcare field and be well-prepared and ready for a career in this area or field or specialise in an advance or graduate programme.

All classes are available online, offering a flexible option for both full and part-time students where they can graduate within two to four years, depending on their own pace.


  1. West Texas A&M University

This university in the US offers one of the best online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree programmes due to its various specialisations.

Along with core courses that equip you with a broad understanding of the health care industry, you can specialise in several different areas that intersect with healthcare.






  1. Northern Arizona University Flagstaff

The bachelor’s in health services with a clinical services option at Arizona University is a comprehensive program requiring no minor. Students with an associate degree or certificate can apply their clinical credit hours to this online program to earn their degree and advance their career. Students learn about health care systems and legal issues through evidence-based practice and inter-professional collaboration.


  1. Rutgers University

This highly ranked university in the US offers an online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences – Degree Completion Program for Health Care Professionals.

You will gain a strong foundation in health sciences courses to advance your careers professionally in either one of three tracks: healthcare management, gerontology or psychiatric rehabilitation.


  1. The University of West Florida

The University of West Florida has the perfect health science online degree program for you. Indeed, the school’s “general” BSHS degree claims the broad goal of preparing students “to work in the health professions providing service to individuals and communities.



  1. Ohio State University

Housed within Ohio State University’s College of Medicine, this affordable online bachelor’s degree in health science features an in-depth, comprehensive curriculum and a distinguished list of faculties. The program provides students with knowledge from across the spectrum of healthcare topics, including health promotion and disease prevention, policy and decision making, pathophysiology, and management principles.


  1. Boston University

Boston University offers a unique Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) program through a partnership with Thomas Edison State University. Degree candidates complete their general education classes at TESU before transferring to Boston University for health-related, interdisciplinary coursework. In the second half of the program, you’ll take 20 credits in core courses like “Principles of Scientific Inquiry” and “Ethics of Healthcare” before choosing a concentration to specialize.


  1. Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Clarion University of Pennsylvania’s offers a top Bachelor of Science in allied health science leadership. It prepares students for successful careers as health care managers. The online degree program was designed for students who have an associate degree or hold a health care credential and want to take their career to the next level. The program is only offered online, making it flexible and a good choice for those currently working in health care.


  1. University of Missouri

The online bachelor’s in health science program at the University of Missouri is a nonclinical online degree program designed to prepare students for a career in a healthcare-related field or continue to graduate studies.


  1. Wilmington University New Castle

The online affordable bachelor’s degree program in health sciences at Wilmington University focuses on the intersection of science and healthcare. Students can concentrate on specific areas of interest to advance their career. The program is available both as a four (4) years degree program or a degree completion program.

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