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Nigeria defeats crippling childhood disease, declaring itself free of polio in August

Nigeria could soon be declared a polio-free country in August 2020.

This is indicated by the African Regional Commission for Certification of Polio Eradication, ARCC, an organ of the World Health Organization, WHO.

The commission’s chairman, Professor Rose Leke, revealed this during a meeting with the executive director, the National Agency for Primary Health Care Development, NPHCDA and its partners.

Professor Leke says that Nigeria’s performance in polio eradication efforts has been quite impressive and the results encouraging.

He revealed that the commission reviewed the National Primary Health Care Development Agency’s documentation on Nigeria’s progress and found that it matches reality on the ground.

“We have been with you and we have seen the events on the field in all these years”

“The ARCC has listened to your documentation, presentation and comprehensive answers to all those questions that have been asked and we want to congratulate you and tell you that the documentation has been accepted.”

The ARCC praised Nigeria for defeating polio despite years of fighting the wild polio virus.

Meanwhile, NPHCDA executive director Dr. Faisal Shuaib, who led the team, said it was gratifying for ARCC to accept the documentation on polio eradication from Nigeria.

According to dr. Shuaib acceptance now paves the way for Nigeria’s polio-free state that will be officially declared in July when health ministers in Africa meet.

Dr. Shuaib praised traditional and religious leaders, partners, former presidents, ministers, NPHCDA / NPI ED / CEO, leaders in the public health space, media, polio victims, parents and others. for being the driving force and motivation behind the efforts. of workers on the front lines.

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