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Femi Fani-Kayode: an open letter to Jagaban

“Even the obstacles in my way, I foresee them before those who bring them start thinking about it. I plan the betrayal, I plan the stab wounds in the back, I also plan the meeting and forgiveness long before they happen. I don’t expect anything, I don’t expect anything, I expect everything “- Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

My dear Jagaban

You know very well that I have always loved and respected you. You will also remember that a few years ago I warned you that everything that is done to you today will eventually be made to you, given the choices you made at that time.

I have no malice or ill will, but in light of what is happening in his political party and given the fact that his good friend, co-conspirator and collaborator, President Muhammadu Buhari, eventually threw him under the bus and he left. I am required to write the following.

The bitter truth is that you didn’t expect ANYTHING and saw NOTHING. The only thing you saw were your vain disappointments and your insatiable greed, and the only thing you felt and moved was your blind ambition.

You sold your body, spirit and soul to the enemy and betrayed your people even though we warned you several times that those with whom you dined were much more intelligent and intelligent than you.

However, even if all the signs were there, he dismissed our concerns, defamed us, treated us with contempt, demonized us and tried to destroy us.

Now the hens have come home to rest and the writing is on the wall. The signs are there for everyone to see. You have betrayed and sold Lagos. You betrayed and sold the Southwest. You betrayed and sold the southeast. You betrayed and sold the south south. You betrayed and sold the central belt. You betrayed and sold the Northeast. You betrayed and sold the Northwest. You betrayed and sold to Muslims and you betrayed and sold to Christians.

He simply betrayed and sold you ALL and ALL in Nigeria just to feed and satisfy your psychotic obsession and compulsive ambition.

Like Icarus the Greek, you were flying too high and too close to the sun with your wax wings, inflated and fueled by your arrogance and pride and now you will find your nemesis. The spiritual wound that has been inflicted on you is irreversible and terminal and there is no going back.

The dark clouds in front of you are thick, ugly, horrible, violent and impractical – you cannot safely overcome them or survive. Your enemies have dug a well for you and you have already fallen into it.

In the end they stripped you, took you by the balls and took everything from you.

You have lost your mysticism, honor, glory, self-esteem, following, influence, pride, reputation and more. It also lost control of the political party that conceived, formed, fed and built. The APC was your baby and now they have taken it away and are ready to kill it.

They deceived you, used you, left you and humiliated you and now they expose you, throw you away, defame you, break you, crucify you, investigate you and crush you completely.

You dreamed of being vice president in 2015 and you have failed. He dreams of being president in 2023 and will fail.

In all his plans, what he could not appreciate is that only God rules in the affairs of men. You have refused to acknowledge or accept the fact that the Nigerian Presidency can only be conferred by God and gives it to those who deem it appropriate by divine prophecy and decree.

It is not about money and power, and if it had been Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Yar’adua, Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari, who did not have either before being elected respectively as President, they would never have made it.

It concerns God and only God. It belongs only to Him. It concerns your purpose, your will, your advice, your plan and your glory.

It covers the Presidency and the moment when a man or woman tries to usurp his role and thinks he can buy it or make his way by using political intrigue, cunning, sagacity, wisdom, power, knowledge, money or anything else, the Lord disqualify him and reject him.

Unfortunately, such a person will fail and may even end up losing everything he appreciates and values ​​in his futile search.

God will never share his glory with anyone and will never support a man or woman who is willing to cheat, betray and sell his people downstream just to satisfy his insatiable ambition to become president.

However, the signs were there, but you refused to recognize or accept them.

They refused to give him a formal position in the national executive. They made sure that some of your main loyalists in the Southwest turned against you and opposed you.

They also refused to accept ONE of their ministerial nominees in both 2015 and 2019. They humiliated their protégé who appointed vice-president and made him a diligent, pathetic and diligent boy, without testicular strength or shame.

They unceremoniously expelled their FIRS candidate and subjected him to criminal investigation.

They have divided the ranks of his loyalists and have so far even challenged his most trusted lieutenants against him.

They insulted you, weakened you, openly marginalized you and, above all, they made it clear in private that they would NEVER give you power.

All this meant nothing to you and you have clearly continued to support his evil ways and follow his satanic and murderous line.

However, if he didn’t care what they subjected him, he would have to worry at least about what they had done in Nigeria.

Over the past five years, our nation and people have suffered from the terrible decisions you have made and the inexplicable and inconceivable alliances you have made.

He supported and supported a merciless, merciless, corrupt, bloodthirsty and cruel regime and tyrant, and a president who is clearly out of his mind and whose mental and physical powers reside in another kingdom and world.

As a result, our nation has been completely and completely destroyed, our economy has been ruined and our people have been decimated.

They have been massacred, massacred, impoverished, emasculated, humiliated, marginalized, insulted and impoverished.

Hundreds of thousands of them have been murdered in cold blood in their homes, cities, towns and farms, and millions have been displaced.

Millions more have been ruined and financially destroyed while our country remains weak, divided and the target of cruel jokes around the world.

Because of their choices, Nigerians are persecuted, physically attacked, enslaved, humiliated, lynched, despised, mutilated, murdered, dishonored, evicted and declared ungrateful person both at home and in distant foreign lands, while our foreign embassies they are demolished by local criminals and criminals, even in apparently friendly countries.

I sincerely hope that one day you will reflect on all this and consider the damage you have done to your relatives and compatriots.

Whether you do it or not, one thing is clear to you: for the choices you have made, for everything you have done, and for the pure evil and greed that resides in your dark and insensitive heart, you will pay a heavy price either in this world and in the world to come and the Lord will deliver you to your political enemies.

I would like to conclude by quoting the instructive words of a tweet that I published yesterday after learning about the latest events of your party. I wrote,

“The Court of Appeals expels the first Oshiomole. Then his favorite substitute, Ajimobi, falls into a coma. Then his rival, Giadom, is recognized by Buhari as national president.

Conclusion: it’s over for Tinubu. He was thrown under the bus and removed from politics!

I keep those words. Happy retirement, my dear Jagaban: may you live long to see the glory of our restored country and the damage you have done to our sheltered people. Shalom

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