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Ekene Imelikachi: How would you remember June 13, 2020?

Saturday, June 13, 2020, he arrived and left, but his lessons: collective victory will remain indelible in our hearts and minds for years to come.

What a moment of testimony, a moment of recovery, a day of life, a month of birth and a year to remember!

In that fateful date with fate, nobody could have predicted the exact result of the election of Pmagbe as president.

On one side was Prince Hamzat Kabir, and on the other side was Ali Adoyi.

And so the dice were rolled. Which of the two candidates would emerge as president of Pmagbe?

When I saw my Igbo brothers quit their business to make sure they voted and counted the votes, when I also saw my Yoruba sisters close the shops to vote; When I saw the nursing mothers and the elderly in line, the residents of Pmagbe from various backgrounds stumbled upon hundreds of people to vote, it was when everything was wet. The stakes were really high.

With those numbers yesterday, it was perhaps for events to become harsh and turn into illegality. But for the firm, excellent and impartial leadership of Pst. Wale Elekolusi, president of the electoral committee of Pmagbe (ELCOM).

Together with his team, he made a highly organized, transparent, free, fair and credible election.

So as the counting continued, Prince Hamzat, Ali, Pa Onyema (whom we affectionately call Pope), Doc (Simon), Mrs. Helen Samuel and some of us sat around a group of tables to celebrate the then “outgoing” president, Prince Sode, whose birthday coincided with election day.

Cheerfully we sing happy birthday songs for the celebrant. But every now and then, the agents and campaign managers of both candidates came to make “updates”, every time we send them back with the words “the policy is over, now we celebrate”. Then, I started to notice that both Prince Hamzat and Ali started to feel comfortable; Tensions subside.

For me, I think it was the turning point that both candidates understood that, regardless of what, “Pmagbe is one and our community comes before any personal interest”.

First, there was a loud cry, followed by a victory parade. And then silence. The votes were counted. At the last count, a different echo broke out.

TIE, STALEMENT, call it what you can.

This was until Ali took the microphone and announced that he would resign Prince Hamzat’s resignation. In Ali’s words on marble, “if the price of building the nation is bleeding, then it’s not worth it.” The atmosphere exploded even further and the people around him carried him on his shoulders. Such a game and maturity.

Prince Hamzat showed magnanimity in accepting his election as president, urging everyone to embrace unity and harmony. Leadership at its best.

During the conciliatory hugs and punches, I heard someone say “no Victor, no Vanguished”. But I just nodded. Yes, there are no losers, but there are certainly also Victors: Pmagbe Community and residents.

How do you remember Saturday 13 June 2020?

For me, it would be the day when Pmagbe exceeded all expectations and redefined democracy. Our community has really and almost perfectly demonstrated how to play politics without bitterness, acrimony and violence.

The day a new generation of heroes / heroes of democracy was born.

The day when two excellent knights, Prince Hamzat and Ali, joined together to advance the cause of their community.

The day Pmagbe experienced rapid development and transformation

The day we showed Nigeria and the world how grassroots mobilization and elections are to be conducted. And that’s the key. I strongly recommend that INEC adopt the “Pmagbe Model” in subsequent elections, particularly in the upcoming government elections of the Ondo and Edo states. The Pmagbe model revolves around the underlying principles of the thematic campaign, the gold standard selection process that produces candidates with proven experience, just to name a few. It is important to remember that Pmagbe was able to record such a resounding success despite the zero assignment and the zero assignment.

Finally, I will remember it as the day Pmagbe was recorded in history books. Surely, when the events of Saturday 13 June 2020 are told, the story will certainly remember Pmagbe: a small community whose landscape is like a point on the world map, but whose stories of triumph extend beyond the coasts. of Ushafa.

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